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The Problem Tree Analysis
The problem tree methodology was used to analyse the relationships and complexities of developmental problems in the AMA area. The analysis revealed Poor Governance as the core developmental problem. This implies that governance should be given priority and immediate attention if AMA is to move the city forward.

These root causes range from the lack of political will on the part of the Assembly, incomplete decentralization process, poor institutional network and collaboration, inadequate data base/ logistics, poorly motivated staff and political interference. As a result of these, two major effects of poor governance were identified.

These effects of poor governance were inadequate revenue mobilization or low financial resources base as well as low institutional and financial capacity of AMA and its substructures. From the analysis, these two major effects were identified as responsible for common but critical developmental issues in the A.M.A.

The inadequate revenue mobilization and financial resource base of the AMA as illustrated, has resulted in inadequate sanitary facilities, low health institutional capacity, inadequate market and poor road infrastructure, poor educational infrastructure and the absence of control of beach resources.

Low institutional and financial capacity of AMA Departments and its substructures have also led to poor service delivery by the Assembly, non-enforcement of bye-laws and regulations and the lack of public knowledge about the AMA policies and by laws. These have in turn led to poor development control adding to  the issue of negative public attitude on the environment and development

Suffice it to say that poor Metro service delivery does not encourage both the public and private sector and impacts negatively on the Government’s “Golden Age of Business”, among others. Ultimately these situations have led to deteriorating living conditions and finally low standard of living.  The output of the problem tree analysis is the objective tree, which is also an analysis of various objectives targeted at solving the identified problems.

Objective Tree Analysis
The core objective therefore is to ensure good governance. This can be done or achieved by recruiting and ensuring a well motivated professional staff, development of a city hall for the Assembly to enhance or improve co-ordination and information flow among departments and units and the Assembly having the political will, without any political interference, to embark upon and implement programs.

Good governance will enable the Assembly mobilise adequate revenue to develop the infrastructure base/facilities in the Metropolis, improve the institutional and financial capacity of AMA Departments and the Sub-Metros.

Enforcement of AMA bye-laws and efficient service delivery should also be pursued. In the end, the living conditions of residents in the Metropolis are expected to improve leading to good living standards.


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