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development framework


Development Themes
The development themes are an aggregation of various sets of the Metropolitan goals or major development issues of the metropolis to be addressed by the Development Plan:

  1. Enhancing the Metro economy
  2. Facilitation of Production and Gainful employment
  3. Sound Environmental and Infrastructure for Human Resource and Basic Services development
  4. Institutional Capacity Building for Good Governance
  5. Support for the vulnerable and the excluded
Development Framework
The development framework entails the projection of the metro finances, population, services and facilities requirements and environmental factors over the plan period of eight years (2002-2010) and related policy implications.

The output of this section forms the basis for the planning and programming phase of the Plan. They deal essentially with future trends in various variables and guide the achievement of public policies related to socio-economic development

Population Projections 
Population projections were undertaking so as to estimate future demand for both social and technical infrastructure and establish indicators for the objectives over the plan period.

The mathematical method (arithmetic, geometric and exponential growth laws) of population projection was used to project the population of the Metropolis for the next eight years (2002-2010). The population projections were based on the following assumption: 
  1. Current fertility rate will remain constant through out the period.
  2. Migration will remain constant throughout the plan period
  3. That AMA area will continue to attract people from various parts of the country because of its functional location as the administrative and commercial capital of the country and the regional capital of Accra. The variant of growth is still assumed to be quite high.
The Logical Framework
The next stage after formulating the objectives of the medium term plan is to develop a clear precise and sufficiently detailed plan to ensure that the objectives are achieved. The planning tool being adopted in this process is what is known as the Logical Framework tool.

The Logical Framework (Log Frame) also known as the Project-Planning Matrix (PPM) shows the various components of a programme or project. It is used to provide a continuous visualisation of the results produced by the planning team. The technique has been adopted in this plan to ensure a logical organisation of the various components of the development programmes of the 2002-2004 Medium Term Plan.

Sub-Metro Population

The Population of the Sub-metros were also projected to facilitate a rational facility distribution over space in the Metropolis and other major administrative policies. Accra Metropolitan Area is predominantly urban. The foregoing notwithstanding, there is the need for the Metropolitan Assembly to develop intervention packages in the following areas:
  • Appraisal of the Assembly’s social service and environmental sanitation situation now and take steps to plan for adequate facilities to meet the needs of the growing population.
  • The facilitation of employment or job creation to reduce the high incidence of urban poverty and;
  • An advocacy for Government to intensify the opening up of or the development of adjoining Metropolis/Municipal Assemblies to reduce high influx of population to the Accra Metropolitan area.
Projections for Service Requirements
Given the rapid growth of the population as depicted by the demographic projections above, there is the need for an assessment of the future service and facilities’ situation in the Metropolis.

There will be the need to upgrade some Polyclinics to hospitals to increase accessibility to higher level of health service. This is because the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Police Hospital, the 37 Military Hospital and the Ridge Hospital are the only public health facilities with hospital status and these serve a population of 1,801,606 which also has national sphere of influence.

Total Water Demand for the Years 2002, 2005 and 2015
The computations for “Unsuppressed” water demand for the years 2002, 2005 and 2015 detailed per Land Use Sub-Sector and per customer category (domestic, commercial & industrial, institutional).

Projected Internally Generated Revenue
In order for AMA to be self-reliant and be free from the control of Central Government, prudent revenue collections structure will be put in place to increase the proportion of internally generated revenue vis-à-vis external sources. 60% of the fiscal capacity of AMA is estimated to be collected by 2004.   This will increase the proportion of internally generated revenue to about 65% of total revenue of the Assembly

The checklist is a catalogue of environmentally sensitive areas, which need immediate attention, since they are resource in themselves, threat to life and property, and have public health implications.

They include areas cited above, namely, Sodom and Gomorrah, all beaches in Accra, stretching from Mpoase-Dansoman to Teshie Nungua are seriously threatened and have been degraded by negative anthropogenic activities, such as sand winning, encroachment, defecation, selling and slaughtering of animals, burning their far, piggery and rearing of animals, all of these activities at the beaches, and the wetland area near Panbros.

Furthermore, the Sodom and Gomorrah area which is a project site for the Korle Lagoon Ecological Restoration Project.(KLERP) is also another environmentally sensitive area that needs immediate action for sustainable development. “A stitch in time saves nine”.

The lack of political will on the part of the Assembly, and Political interference has aggravated the environmental sanitation problem thereby jeopardising the KLERP Project.

The fishing harbour in Jamestown, all beaches along the AMA coast and the Old Accra Integrated Urban Development and Conservation Project hold immense opportunities for employment and revenue generation. Regrettably, all these resources are not developed and the AMA has not asserted its control over them, ostensibly because of lack of political will and financial constraints.

It is proposed that the AMA will have the will, take bold and pragmatic steps to develop and tap the opportunities of these resources, even as Zimmerman asserts, “Resources are not, they become”.

Unauthorised and wrongful use of the beaches for Piggery, selling of sheep and cattle, etc must be stopped and a constant surveillance put on the beach front to conserve it. Possibly the beaches must be wire-fenced.

Also all heritage sites in the old Accra area should be upgraded and labelled to make them identifiable to visitors and tourist. Such labelling could help tourists on walking tours such as the slave site routes. An inventory of all heritage sites is needed to enhance this upgrading and conservation.

It is worth mentioning that the community could manage the heritage sites, so as to ensure that tourism is owned and managed by the people of old Accra, to generate employment, income and promote cultural heritage.

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