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Agricultural Sector

Department of Food & Agriculture
In line with the Government’s policy on decentralization, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture was restructured by decentralizing extension activities to the district level to facilitate grassroot participation in the implementation of agricultural policies and programmes.

The decentralization programme took effect from the 15th of October, 1997 with the merger of the following departments – Veterinary Services Department, Crops Department, Extension, Fisheries, Animal Production, Plant Protection and Regulatory Services & Agricultural Engineering, all coming under one umbrella as District Agricultural Development Unit (DADU).

Existing Structure
The Department of Food and Agriculture is directly under the Metropolitan Assembly, to be headed by the Metropolitan Director of Food and Agriculture.  The organisational structure of the unit is as follows: Under the Metro Director are four (4) District Development Officers who oversee and supervise the Agric Extension Officers.


  1. To promote and provide efficient technical services, technologies and measures that will diversify Food and Agricultural Production for domestic and export markets in an environmentally sustainable manner,
  2. Prepare annual Metropolitan Agricultural work programmes and budget for submission to the District Assembly with copy to the Regional Director of Agriculture.
  3. Manage and co-ordinate the day-to-day activities of the District Agricultural Development Unit (DADU) including the analysis of participation and adoption rates of appropriate technologies of farmers.
  4. Participation in Monthly training sessions with SMS and FLS and Bi-Monthly Technology Review meeting (BMTRM) with Research and SMS.
  5. Design, in collaboration with the Regional Director, and implement a staff development programme for all categories of staff in the Metropolis
  6. Liase with all partners, (e.g. Farmers, Research, SMS, NGOs, educational institutions etc.) on programmes related to the development of Agriculture in the Metropolis.
  7. Organise and participate in all meetings, conferences, workshops, etc. related to agriculture with a view to clarifying MOFA policies to all concerned.
  8. Monitor the performance of all Agricultural Developments in the Metropolis and their impact.
  9. Prepare and submit regularly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the Regional Director of Food and Agriculture and the Metropolitan Co-ordinating Director on the performance of agriculture in the Metropolis when requested and special situation reports.
  10. To undertake any other duties that may be assigned.

One of the most modern fish farms in the region 10 hectare size Tropo farms has been established at Asutsuare

Rice Production
Rice production stepped up in the 3,000 hectare Kpong Irrigation Project site with an annual production of about 25,000 metric kms

President’s Special Initiative on Cassava
A medium scale processing plant set-up at Ayikai Doblo for producing high –quality cassava flour, gari and starch on a pilot basis, as part of PSI.
Poultry and Livestock
Large-scale poultry with capacities of over 100,000 birds established to produce table eggs and chicken.

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